Formulance is
ISO 9001 certified

Lyon — October 2022

Dear all,

Since 2013, Formulance has offered a portfolio of tailor-made solutions to meet the technical needs and requirements of its customers.

Their satisfaction is at the heart of our commitment.

This is why we are involved in a process of continuous improvement. Our quality management system now meets the requirements of standard 9001:2015.

We have also implemented actions and procedures such as a customer complaints management process and the implementation of related  corrective actions.

Our objective is to build a QMS that consolidates and supports our development.

Joint efforts are being made to:

  • Remain in compliance with ongoing regulations
  • Meet the requirements of our customers and partners with a focus on their satisfaction
  • Improve our performance


Convinced of the importance of this approach, I am committed to providing all the necessary resources for the proper functioning of our organization, as well as its improvement.

Samuel Ducros

CEO of Formulance Group