Natural alternatives to silicone

The Silike grades are a perfect alternative to silicones. They are able to maintain similar performances, as well as physical-chemical and sensory characteristics. Silikes provide an excellent silicone-like feeling and an optimal compatibility with hair and skin.

Our ingredients


Natural alternatives to silicones.

Butter like

Natural alternatives to butters

Minoil Veg

Natural alternatives to mineral oil


Natural alternative to lanolin

Veg Vaseline

Natural alternatives to vaseline


100% natural & vegan

Essential oil

100% pure & natural

The origins of our ingredients

Propylene Glycol

Our Propylene Glycol-based ingredients come from either rapeseed or sunflower.


The ones that contain Glycerin are derived from soybean or sunflower oil

Isoamyl Laurate

Isoamyl laurate can be derived from cane sugar, barley or wheat. When emanating from palm oil, the RSPO certification guarantees its sustainability.

Glyceryl Stearate

glyceryl stearate is obtained from vegetable stearic acid and glycerine

Formulance ingredients


Because we are aware of the global stakes, we always select ingredients of high quality.

Which includes ingredients that come from natural origin, as much as possible, and as often as possible.

And ingredients that come from sustainable agriculture, out of respect for the men and women involved in their production.

Ingredients that ultimately reflect what we stand for.


We only collaborate with small producers with whom we build sustainable relationships.

Our ways of operating allows for close listening, in regards to understanding the challenges our farmers face on a daily basis.

We ensure that their rights are respected, that their needs are being met, while also guaranteeing them maximum transparency.